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Some related European initiatives are the following:


FIBERFUEL is a granted project from the 3rd Joint Call of ERA-IB (ERA-NET supported by the EU 7FP and focused in the reduction of the fragmentation in Industrial Biotechnology national funding efforts). Fiberfuel is coordinated by Mariano Carrión-Vázquez (CSIC) and the main objective is to obtain improved cellulosomes to enhance saccharification of industrially-suitable lignocellulosic biomass of interest (wheat straw and corn stover).



CELLUFUEL is an ERC grant from the FP7 (IDEAS-ERC. 2012-2017) led by Prof. Hermann Gaub (leader of the LMU group). This project focuses on describing the nanoscale interactions of the cellulosomal components with an emphasis on basic research on wood and wastes.


BABETHANOL is an FP7 Energy grant (ENERGY. 2007-2013) led by Prof. Mercedes Ballesteros, CIEMAT (Spain), an external collaborator of this project. This project aims to improve the pretreatment process to make it cost-effective and more efficient, focusing on several substrates (e.g.blue agave bagasse, oil palm empty fruit bunches, sweet corn, barley straw).


FUEL-PATH is an FP7 ERC grant (ERC 2009-2013) led by the Technical Research Center of Finland. It aims at providing new knowledge on the plant cell wall structure and innovative biotechnological solutions for biomass utilizations. Its target is to facilitate saccharification by using transgenic plants.


DISCO is an FP7 ERC grant (ERC 2007-2013) led by Simone Ferrari (Universita Degli Studi di Roma la Sapienza). This project aims to develop more efficient and cost-effective cellulases to degrade lignocellulosic biomass.


NILE is a FP6 ERC grant (ERC 2005-2009) led by Frédéric Monot (IFP School) with the participation of WEIZ. This project aims to optimize a process for a cost effective production of clean bioethanol from lignocellulose to be used in combustion engines by integrating saccharification and fermentation by developing a yeast strain capable of fermenting C5 sugars.


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