Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator.

Dr. Mariano Carrión-Vázquez, CSIC.


The Coordinator shall be the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission and shall perform all tasks assigned to it as described in the Grant Agreement and in this Consortium Agreement.

In particular, the Coordinator shall be responsible for:

  • Monitoring compliance by the Parties with their obligations.
  • Keeping the address list of Members and other contact persons updated and available.
  • Collecting, reviewing and submitting information on the progress of the Project and reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and related certifications) to the European Commission
  • Chairing the meetings of the General Assembly and the Management Unit.
  • Transmitting documents and information connected with the Project, including copies of Accession documents and changes of contact information to the Parties.
  • Administering the Community financial contribution and fulfilling the financial tasks.
European Union
Weizmann Institute of Science
Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat München
University of Limerick
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