Dissemination activities

Dissemination activities

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The project is aimed to contribute to enhance the present knowledge and competitiveness of EU institutions in the field of saccharification improvement. Exploitation of the results is one of the main objectives of this project as it is intended to result in competitive designer cellulosomes and usage protocols in the saccharification field to be commercialized in a short timeframe.


Networking and coordination activities

In order to study the possible synergies involved with the agents relevant to the sector, the following activities will be carried out:


  • Organization of specific seminars/meetings (coinciding with the General Assembly face-to-face meetings) in order to network with other projects in the same field when not incurring in conflict of interest.


  • Activities aiming at communication and exchanging information among individual groups, etc. outside the project.



As a result of the CellulosomePlus activities a number of PhD and postdoctoral students will be trained in the different disciplines involved in the project.



A freedom to operate update (patent search) will be done three times during the life of the project by DesEn and WEIZ. Also intellectual property activities (filing and prosecution of patent applications) will be done.



The activities of CellulosomePlus will result in a number of publications in generalist and specialized journals as well as communications and abstracts to meetings in this area. Also, a press release will be generated each time that a major discovery is made by the Consortium and disseminated through the national agencies to the press media.


Promotion of the project as an EU joint action and its objectives

  • Press communications.
  • Attendance to relevant seminars and conferences and the production of publications, seeking maximum effectiveness, but respecting confidentiality conditions and the exploitation agreements and strategies of the consortium.



At the end of the project the academic partners will review in Madrid the scientific and technological impact of CellulosomePlus achievements while the industrial partners will evaluate the possible socioeconomic impact in a workshop with invited speakers.

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Weizmann Institute of Science
Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat München
University of Limerick
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