Materials & Surface Science Institute, University of Limerck.

The University of Limerick (UL) has an established reputation for being Ireland's leading university in industry-led research. This has resulted in significant research commercialisation activities and collaboration between our leading researchers and industry. Research in the Department of Physics & Energy and the Materials & Surface Science Institute (MSSI) at University of Limerick covers a broad base of multi-disciplinary activities with a focus on rigorous fundamental research that can be translated into improvements in industrial processes, with major strengths in the fields of composite materials; nanomaterials; solid-state pharmaceuticals; catalysis and clean technologies; and bio-mimetic materials.


Dr. Damien Thomson.

Lecturer. University of Limerick.


Education: Dr Damien Thompson is a computational scientist (PhD 2003, Quantum Chemistry).


Interests: His group at UL design novel architectures and assemblies based on the directed self-assembly of nanoscale building blocks (molecules, monolayers, nanoparticles, and proteins) in collaboration with leading experimental and industry partners in European Framework and Science Foundation Ireland funded projects.  Atomic-resolution modelling of assemblies containing up to a few million atoms is performed using high performance computing facilities at the Materials and Surface Science Institute UL, the Irish Centre for High End Computing and at supercomputing centers throughout mainland Europe.


Role in CellulosomePlus:  Simulation studies at atomistic resolution of the self-assembly of cellulosomal component subunits into functional architectures using multi-million atom simulations.

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